The business, property and affairs of MTB are managed by a Governing Council. Officers are elected from within this Council. The Council regularly hold meetings and an open membership meeting is held annually at the Jamboree.

Any questions and comments relating to MTB can be directed to the general MTB mail or the individual council members by clicking on their name below.

2016 -2017 Council Members

Dick Gardner

Vice President/Merchandise Director
Jerry Richard

Membership Secretary
Position Open

Kellie Cook

Banquet Coordinator
Dick Gardner

Magazine Editor
Gary Swinton


Michigan Traditional Bowhunters is a non-profit organization of traditional archers whose main interest lies in bowhunting with recurves, longbows, and self-made bows. The Michigan Traditional Bowhunters organization began as the dream of Dan Bertalan and Ed Sandifer who had a desire for a group that would share a sense of camaraderie and common purpose among bowhunters using all types of traditional archery equipment. This group could also function as a political entity, when needed, to prevent the degradation of traditional bowhunting in Michigan.

The first issues of Traditional Trails, the official magazine of MTB, was published in the summer of 1990. Interest in the first magazine started the momentum and caused the MTB membership to swell. This magazine became the centerpiece of MTB.

That first summer, 1990, a Traditional Jamboree was held at the grounds of the Lincoln Bowmen Club near Detroit, Michigan. It included a large traditional archery shoot, guest speaker, raffle and a hunting slide show. The excellent turnout only added to the growing excitement about MTB.

At this time a few serious members were leading the way and making the decisions for MTB. After only one year the membership was pushing towards 200 and included many of the finest bowhunters in Michigan and around the country.

The second MTB Jamboree was held the last weekend in June 1991 at Land-O-Lakes Bowmen's facility near Fenton, Michigan. It was better than ever, with over 400 shooters present for the fellowship. Land-O-Lakes would host MTB's third Jamboree in 1992 and fourth Jamboree in 1993.

After only two years, as the membership grew to 300, and it was decided MTB needed a structured leadership and a twelve member Board of Directors was set up to govern MTB.

As in any group, a small nucleus of active members was leading the way for the growing MTB membership.

The last weekend in June had become the traditional weekend for the MTB Jamboree. Bear's Bowmen, the archery club that Fred Bear started, hosted the 1994 MTB Jamboree in Grayling, Michigan. This was the greatest Jamboree yet. Held on the grounds of the old Fred Bear Museum, it boasted a canoe shoot, two 3-D archery courses, novelty shoots, great guest speakers and even a pig roast. Many traditional dealers set up their booths to supply the shooters needs. No archery trophies are given out at MTB Jamborees. The members hoot for fun and practice, no scores need be kept, it is a relaxing and fun time. The feeling was that MTB had finally come home. The membership grew slowly but continuously during this time and other MTB functions were started. The first annual rabbit hunt was held in 1994 and has provided a good time and good fellowship each year since.

The MTB Jamborees for 1995 and 1996 were also held the last weekend in June at the Hanson Hills Recreation Area just outside of Grayling, Michigan. The grounds of the old Fred Bear Museum had become MTB's favorite place for fellowship. The archery shoots were larger every year and each one provided something new for the members. Free camping, artist painted animal targets, historical archery collections and free children's shoot were started. MTB had become quite family oriented, one membership included the whole family, and may families enjoyed the MTB Jamboree as part of their summer vacation.

The MTB Dinner Banquet was started in 1996 an continues to be another great family even for members.

Today with a membership numbering over 500 and growing, MTB also supports other bowhunting groups in Michigan, the Michigan DNR, the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America, the MUCC and helped support the Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management. MTB also had a seat on the NRC's Ad Hoc Committee regarding crossbow use in MI during the winter of 2000-2001.

MTB looks forward to even more exciting times as we enjoy a sense of camaraderie and common purpose with other traditional bowhunters.