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Trophy Photos

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John Hess harvested this buck with a 1953 Bear Kodiak static recurve & 1960's Kodiak Supreme arrow. 14" wide 7 point from Freeland, Michigan, Nov. 12, 2011. First Archery Buck.
Stephen Chappell took this nice buck in Ingham County with a 57# Caribow Tiaga recurve and homemade cedar arrows tipped with Zwickey NoMercy 125gr. This was his first traditional bow buck.
Jim Larson took this 9 point in Ohio during the 2008 season with a Thunderstick MOAB, Cedar arrow, and Magnus Head.
John Allmand took this 8 point on 10-03-08. Shot in Washtenaw County with Caribow Taiga Recurve, Alaskan Grizzly Stick, and Wensel Head.
Steve Tietsort took this bear Sepember 11, 2007 in Upper Michigan's Gogebic County. Using a 60# Bear super kodiak and a Laminated Birch Arrow tipped with a vintiage 1960's Bear Razorhead.
Kurt DeVree took this nice 6 point buck from 18 yards on October 1, 2007 with his 55 lb Timberhawk recurve using aluminum shafts and Zwickey 2-blade broadheads.
Tom Talbot took this rabbit with his silver creek bow and cedar shafts. This was his first rabbit with a bow!
John McIntosh with a 4 point taken on Oct 12, 2007. 12 yrd shot from a treestand with a Thunderstick moab longbow, hexpine shaft with Bear razorhead broadhead. First buck with a longbow.
Jason Bobb with a Kent county gobbler, opening day spring 2007,right off of the roost,60# kodiak magnum,2216 arrows with 140 gr snuffer.
Larry Murray from Lost Nation Archery with his 8-point. Shot with a Timberhawk Premier bow, 53#, Ace Standard 160 grain broadheads, Beman MFX carbon arrows. Shot was 17 yards, St. Joseph county, MI 2006
Jim Lund of Whisperstik Bows with his daughter Ilyssa and his '05 spike.  Taken with a 60# Whisperstik longbow, Goldtip, and 200 grain Razorcap.
Jim Lund of Whisperstik bows with his '05 8 point.  Taken with a 60# Whisperstik longbow, Goldtip, and 200 grain Razorcap broadhead.  Full pass through and a 40 yard recovery.
Ron Bushong from Harrison, MI with a Northern Quebec caribou taken November 16, 2006. Ron used a Firefly takedown longbow and vintage Glashaft arrow tipped with a Wensel Woodsman to down his bull. Ron's son Jeron was also able to slip an arrow into this bull to help bring it down.  A team effort.
Jeron Bushong, (Ron's son), with a beautiful double shovel northern Quebec caribou taken in November of 06.  Jeron used a Firefly takedown longbow along with a vintage woven fiberglass arrow shaft that he fletched himself, tipped with an early Bear Razorhead to bring down his fine bull.
Jeff Stall with a Dec 06' whitetail taken in Northern MI. Jeff used his 55 lb Martin Hatfield takedown recurve with a Muzzy broadhead.
Melanie DeBoer with her 3 point buck taken in November 2006 and the first with her 45 lb Lonewolf longbow and Snuffer broadhead.
Mac DeBoer with his doe taken in November 2006 and the first with his 55 lb Lonewolf longbow and Magnus broadhead.
Elaine Larsen with a rabbit taken with her Saxon recurve.
Jim Larsen with a doe taken in 2005 with a recurve.
Jim Larsen with a 6 point buck taken in 2003 with a longbow.
Jim Larsen with a 6 point buck taken in 2001 with a longbow.
Chuck DeLeeuw with a Northern MI Whitetail taken in December of 05. Chuck used a Lone Wolf longbow, aluminum arrow and a 160 grain Snuffer broadhead.
Scott Bishop with a beautiful Canadian Moose taken in British Columbia in September of 05. Scott used a Black Widow recurve, 620 grain Gold Tip arrow and a 150 gr. Silver Flame broadhead.
Len Rinke with a musk ox taken the first week of September outside of Holman, NWT. Len used a Bob Lee recurve, cedar shaft and Zwickey 2-blade head.
Ashley and Don McKellar with an Upper Peninsula buck that Don took during the Fall of 2004. Don took this buck with a homemade recurve, cedar arrows and an Ace broadhead.
A nice eight point taken in Kent County by Tony Smolinski on November 13, 2004. Tony took this buck with a homemade longbow and cedar shaft at 10 yards.
Don Rozema with 50 1/2" Newfoundland Moose, Hummingbird Recurve with Journeyman broadhead, 10-01-02
John Allmand with a nice buck he shot on 11/12/02. This was his first with a longbow, a Caribow Tundra Wolf.
Trafford Adam is proud to show off his first traditional bow kill.
Ted Judson poses with an eland he took in July 2001 in Melorani with his Wallace recurve.
John Allmand's first buck is really a beauty! The buck green scored 121 5/8 and weighed 207 lbs. John used an Assenheimer Hunter Recurve and Magnus broadheads.
This bison was taken by Ted Judson in Montana, in December of 2000, using a Wes Wallace recurve and cedar arrows.
Ted Judson's first of two caribou taken with his Wes Wallace longbow in McKay Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada. September 2001
Caribou #2
John Cox with a sprinbok taken in Africa.
John with his large bull Gemsbok with 38 inch horns.
Steve "Redford" Elliott and a beautiful muley buck.
Dave Pagel and a nice whitetail buck.
Darryl Quidort with his South Carolina buck taken with a 62lb bamboo backed osage longbow. The shot was at 20 yards with both feet firmly on the ground.
Bryan Burkhardt with a buck taken in Franklin, Tennessee with a 54lb Caribow recurve. The shot was 14 yards and Bryan used Journeyman Magnus broadheads.
Ray Lyon took his first turkey, the second week of the season in southern Michigan, with a Super Shrew Samurai longbow and tapered carbon arrow tipped with grizzley broadhead. The turkey had an eight-inch beard and 1 1/8" spurs.
Denny Sturgis Jr. on Kodiak Island, Alaska, with his first
sitka blacktail buck, taken with an 81# Black Widow longbow.